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BioMedTec Campus

The BioMedTec Science Campus Lübeck represents outstanding research on Biomedical Engineering, Biomedicine, Biotechnology as well as Bioinformatics. The triangle of fundamental research at the University of Lübeck, application oriented research at the University of Applied Science Lübeck and clinical research and medical application at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein and complemented by the Fraunhofer Institute of Marine Biotechnology, the Fraunhofer MEVIS Research Group on Image Registration, the Leibniz Research Centre Borstel and industrial partners at the Technology Centre Lübeck (TZL), represent together the BioMedTec Science Campus – a cluster of excellence.

The resourceful infrastructure available at the BioMedTec Science Campus provides excellent conditions for cutting-edge research, product development and marketing. The BioMedTec Science Campus is the regional hub of the Cluster Life Science North (

At the BioMedTec Campus, more than 40 institutes, laboratories, clinics and companies collaborate in R&D projects related to the core mission area of biomedical engineering (Industry-in-Clinic Platform). The large number of research collaborations that have emerged over institutional boundaries in recent years, as well as the spin-offs that arise from them, illustrate the enormous scientific and entrepreneurial potential that the BioMedTec Campus has to offer.

The BioMedTec Science Campus together with its cooperating partners pursue the goal of promoting high-tech start-ups, create business opportunities, stimulate economic growth and supporting collaborations in research, development and clinical studies between academia and industry. The campus partners in the institutes, clinics and laboratories offer numerous technology-oriented services adapted to the specific needs for internal and external cooperation partners.

For more information on the BioMedTec Science Campus Lübeck and its services, please visit the official website: or just give us a call: +49 (0)451 - 3909 - 0



Project Location Lübeck

Project Location Lübeck

Seelandstr. 3-5
D-23569 Lübeck
Tel.: ++49 (0)451 3909 0
Fax: ++49 (0)451 3909 499
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