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Promoting technology transfer has been a strategic objective of the BioMedTec Campus for many years. The University of Lübeck was awarded as EXIST-Gründerhochschule (Founding University) by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Together with it´s partners the University of Applied Science Lübeck, the Chamber of Industry and the Technology Center Lübeck (TZL) they received the title for its outstanding support of technology transfer and promoting spin-off activities.

Today, the University of Lübeck and the University of Applied Science Lübeck are jointly in a leading position in Germany, regarding the number of spin-offs emerged and transfer processes implemented between universities and enterprises.

Within the scope of start-up projects, founders regularly enter new spheres in the realization of their founding ideas. Accordingly, there is a great demand for information in economic, technical and regulatory terms. In Lübeck, the Gründer Cube (Founders Cube) and the UniTransferKlinik are the central information and advisory institutions, which are available to cover those needs.

The University of Lübeck together with it´s network-partners, like the Sparkasse zu Lübeck Bank, awards each year various outstanding examples of innovative cooperation’s, intellectual property development or promising spin-off activities.

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Project Location Lübeck

Project Location Lübeck

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