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Industry-in-Clinic Platform Lübeck

Medical engineering has been a major focus of the work of research facilities and companies on the Lübeck BioMedTec Campus for decades. Initiated by a national strategy process of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, around 20 participating clinical and technological campus partners linked with a wide range of medical technology manufacturers developed the concept of a comprehensive cooperation and support platform: “Industry-in-Clinic Platform Lübeck.“ (

This innovative platform acts a “supporter" and "gatekeeper" of application-oriented projects of medical technology by partnering clinical and technical institutions with private sector companies for an efficient support of their product development in areas like research, development and testing. The non-profit organization UniTransferKlinik Lübeck is the entry point for the academic, clinical and industry platform partners, as well as new potential partners and provides a consistent interface on current and future collaborations.

The primary mission of this initiative is to execute and accelerate the development of innovative technologies, processes and infrastructures in the field on medical engineering by partnering technological manufactures with clinical users. In order to achieve innovative and leading edge technologies and solutions, the Industry-in-Clinic Platform follows a new approach, in which the clinics actively collaborate with the manufactures by identifying concrete development and optimization requirements as well as proposing new product concepts.

This process encourages the partnership of industry and clinic by allowing the pursuit of technological advancement where customer needs are greatest and corporate capabilities are strongest. As a result this comprehensive set of collaboration allows a more efficient and effective development of technology transfer agreements and thus a stimulation of further transfer processes.

The roadmap of the Industry-in-Clinic Platform consists of a broad scope of highly important clinical and technological research areas with the common goal of improving patient care:

  • IT-supported interventions / procedures, including the development/testing of new instruments, medical devices and equipment assemblies as well as assistance systems
  • Operating room- and intensive-monitoring
  • Pre-, post- and intra-operative imaging and processing
  • Pre-, post- and intra-operative, non-invasive diagnostic with a complementary technical focus
  • Dynamic medical device networking
  • Optimization of clinical workflow
  • Telemedical networking
  • Big Medical Data

For more information on the Industry-in-Clinic Platform and its services, please visit the official website: or just give us a call: +49 (0) 451 - 3909 - 0



Project Location Lübeck

Project Location Lübeck

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