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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 deals with the digitization of industrial value-added chains and the development of cyber-physical systems. In Lübeck, the UniTransferKlinik and the partners of the BioMedTec Campus in particular the University Hospital of Lübeck are cooperating on the Industry-in-Clinic Platform Lübeck to support medical technology manufactures and innovation services with product development projects in the field of “Med Tec / Clinic 4.0” – hence the development of digital, interconnection-able medical products and their application in continuously digital supported supply processes in Medical Cyber Physical Systems (MCPS).

Identifying and deducing 4.0-relevant innovation potentials for all stakeholders and particularly SMEs from the various mutual dependencies of the value-added clinical supply chain of inter medical care providers and their clients (patients), their technical-economic service providers as well as the various product providers.

The implementation of regulative and normative standards in the field of medical technology/clinic 4.0 yields complex requirements, which are innovation-obstructive especially for the execution of innovative projects of SMEs and start-ups. The test environment Industry-in-Clinic Platform provides convenient support to verify and validate 4.0 technology- and product- as well as process- and engineering-/production system development with all stages of development from the functional models up to serial products in terms of qualitative or regulatory requirements. An experimental-/transfer-OR and a simulation environment for medical software (especially for interconnected medical devices) are available for this purpose.

The test centre Lübeck is pioneer of interconnection and digitization of medical technology and clinic and is accredited by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as an official test environment. It is the centres aim to align the development of digital medical technological products and procedures in-patient care from the outset with actual supply needs and processes as well as to optimize them in terms of user and patient benefits. In the process of digitizing the entire value-added chain in comprehensive medical technology / clinic 4.0 concepts from development to application by end users, various competencies (18 institutes and 13 clinics) are gathered under one roof.

Core areas and competences
The test centre Lübeck addresses the digitalization of the entire value-added chain and the development of digital medical systems. Cross-disciplinary assisted by various research institutes and clinics, innovation services in the field of Medical Technology / Clinic 4.0, hence the development of digital, interconnection-able medical products and their application in continuously digital supported supply processes in Medical Cyber Physical Systems (MCPS), are offered to product development projects of medical technology manufactures.

The innovation services encompasses e.g. (clinical) big data analyses and assistance systems, image recognition and registration, medical system engineering, robotics and user-centred-design as well as cost-benefit analyses and new business models on this matter. Taking account of the regulatory requirements for quality management and risk analyses, these services together with clinically relevant work packages are consolidated to projects service offers. The goal is to support the for the product development of the manufacturer maximum efficiency.

The test centre Lübeck offers experience and support with the implementation of standard-compliant communication in medical devices as well as their tests over the entire range of communication protocols up top usability validations in actual application environments.

In the test centre, the integration of the developments of manufactures in diversely complex scenarios with simulated and real devices in real test environments (transfer-OR) can be tested by actual users of the University Medical Centre Schleswig-Holstein.

For more information on Industrie 4.0, please visit the official websites:
Industry-in-Clinic Platform Lübeck:
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I4KMU Information office industry 4.0:
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Project Location Lübeck

Project Location Lübeck

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