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Welcome to Lübeck

Embedded in a rich cultural landscape, Lübeck belongs to the most beautiful and visited cities in Germany. Gorgeous churches, ancient merchant houses, the world-famous Holstentor and the historic town hall with it´s monumental facade, are just some of the many attractions, which the old-town has to offer. Declared as World Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987, Lübeck provides the perfect mix of a pulsating city and relaxing idyll, modern culture and history, sea and marine life.

Besides the convenient location in the triangle of the neighbouring metropolises of Hamburg, Berlin and Copenhagen, Lübeck offers attractive and affordable real estate locations, tremendous possibilities for personal development and an overwhelming recreational set-up – for enthusiasts of sailing and windsurfing, horse riding, golf or cycling.

Despite its great past, Lübeck today is also a modern industrial and commercial city. Particularly the medical engineering, information technology and biotechnology sector received international recognition in the last years. The geographical concentration and unsurpassed cooperation’s between universities, clinics and manufacturers led the city and its region to what it is today: an international hub in the field of logistics, nutrition and industry 4.0.

The HanseBelt Region

In order to strengthen Lübeck and the region along the Hamburg-Copenhagen axis, the flagship initiative HanseBelt was initiated by a large number of companies, determined to contribute the process of social and economic transformation of their region. The vision of this initiative is the close cooperation with Scandinavian neighbours to establish the HanseBelt as a European axis of the future with outstanding qualifications in the areas of research and education, corporate culture and quality of life.

In order to further improve the conditions in the HanseBelt, the membering companies are campaigning for a meaningful change in important areas – including in the promotion of trade and industry, education and transport infrastructure. Together with the Scandinavian partners the HanseBelt initiative wants to become a main driver in the creation of new ideas and providing viable and sustainable projects, to establish the Hamburg-Copenhagen axis as a new economic region with an outstanding international profile and the highest scientific standards.

For more information on the HanseBelt Region and its partners, please visit the official website:



Project Location Lübeck

Project Location Lübeck

Seelandstr. 3-5
D-23569 Lübeck
Tel.: ++49 (0)451 3909 0
Fax: ++49 (0)451 3909 499
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